Moving ICT into the Development Paradigm


September 23, 2018

mTika has won the runners-up award as the best national digital solution in the category ‘health and well-being’ in Bangladesh at the world summit awards (Bangladesh). The World Summit Awards are a global initiative selecting digital innovation making positive impact on society.

mTika is a mHealth solution built on the Open Smart Registration Platform (OpenSRP) that aims to remove the barriers in achieving timely and high immunization coverage in rural Bangladesh by utilizing an electronic cloud-based system for infant & pregnant mother enumeration and registration, vaccination record-keeping and SMS reminders.

When a mother or child visits a vaccination camp, they are registered via the mTika app. Our app also has provisions for pregnant mothers to send Birth SMS whenever there will be an outcome, which will register the new born child in the Child Register. Through the “Vaccination schedules”, an automated report gets generated for any missed appointments, on the basis of which health workers can take targeted interventions. The app also allows front-line Health Workers to send messages to beneficiaries on camp day for vaccination. The application has a bulk SMS sending option integrated on the client end, so that the Health Assistants can send ‘Announcement Message’ to all the beneficiaries who have a due vaccine date on a particular date via a single click. Health workers can view which beneficiaries have vaccines due through color coded flags and this results in proactive engagement and increased timely vaccination rate in rural Bangladesh.

The mTika model was initially conceptualized by JHU Global mHealh Initiative and the operationalization of the model was initially funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Grand Challenges Canada in two speared projects. An OpenSRP-based model of mTika was then funded by UNICEF innovation Fund, jointly awarded with Ona.

Now it is in the process of being scaled up at a broader level in partnership with the Bangladesh government.

OpenSRP is a mobile health platform geared towards frontline health workers to improve coverage and quality of care. Ona and mPower serve as the technical leads on the platform and partner with Ministries of Health, JHU, WHO, UNICEF, and other implementation groups to adapt OpenSRP to the needs of health workers in various country settings.

About the WSA

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